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Lake Photography By Rickey DePriest 2011



CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. - With an outpouring of community interest resulting in 400 submissions, yielding approximately 270 concepts, the Carroll County Watershed Authority is pleased to announce the new lake's name - Carroll County Thousand Acre Recreation Lake.

 "The board carefully weighed all considerations when choosing the name," said Tommy Surber, chairman of the Carroll County Watershed Authority. "A good name for mixed use property of this scale conveys location, size and function. The name we chose fits all of these, and we couldn't be happier that progress continues to be made."

 Another important consideration for the board was the anticipated tourist draw of the lake. There are seven states within 150 miles of Carroll County - Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Missouri - thus, size and use of our new lake are important marketing considerations.

 Carroll County's new crown jewel, our thousand acre lake, will open on Wednesday, March 20, 2013. "We look forward to when everyone in the county and the many expected visitors can enjoy the lake's relaxing waters and the surrounding area. This lake will be enjoyed by families and outdoor enthusiasts alike for years to come," said Surber.

 Members of the Carroll County watershed Authority are: Tommy Surber, Chairman; Dale Kelley, Secretary/Treasurer; Kenny McBride; Bob Clark; Natalie Porter; and Joe Smothers.


Lake Executive Summary 

The 1000-acre Carroll County recreation lake project is moving even closer to becoming a reality. Construction on the 2400 ft. long dam is now complete, and three wells are currently pumping water into the lake. Already over 380,000 bluegill, bass, bream, red ear, and catfish have been released into the retention ponds. Fishing will be permitted one year after the opening of lake. The lake is expected to be filled with water in April of 2012. Work is also complete on the Administrative Headquarters, a Carroll County Watershed project that has restored an old home to its natural beauty. Picnic and swimming areas will also be developed in the coming months. Carroll County Lake will be recreational attraction for fishing, boating, skiing, swimming, and picnicking.

 Lake Time Table

The lake is currently filling with water

April 2012 - Lake will open (non-fishing activity)

April 2013 - Lake will open for fishing

 Just The Facts

Size:    1,000 acres or 22.5 miles of shoreline

Dam Size:    2400 feet long, 60 feet high

Completion:    April 2012

Number of Fish Released:      600,000

Average water Depth:     20 feet


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